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Travel with CBD

How to Travel With CBD This Summer

Have you wondered how to safely travel with CBD? For many, the summer months include exciting travel plans. This is especially true this year now that things are beginning to get back to “normal” after months and months of being stuck inside- or at least stuck in your hometown. This means that people are doing

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Tips for Selecting The Best CBD Topicals

With so many CBD topicals, creams, lotions, and rubs in the modern marketplace, it can be hard to find something that’s right for you. At Healthy Roots Hemp, we make it easy to find great full-spectrum CBD products and the best CBD topicals that address your specific needs. When shopping for premium-quality topicals, be sure

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Healthy Roots Hemp CBD Starter Kit: What’s Inside?

If you’re interested in trying CBD products for the very first time, Healthy Roots Hemp makes it convenient, rewarding, and affordable to get started with our CBD Starter Kits. As the perfect introduction to the world of CBD wellness, our CBD Starter Kits include a Travel Size Root Butter™, a sample of our Deep Relief

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Fireworks negatively effect dogs

Why Fireworks Negatively Effect Dogs and How CBD Can Help

Wondering why fireworks negatively effect dogs? With the fourth of July right around the corner, people are getting excited about a day filled with sunshine, cookouts, and time at the pool- but what about fireworks? Fireworks have been an important part of fourth of July festivities for decades, and while it’s fun to watch the

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Woman at the beach wearing a sunhat smiling and closing her eyes in the sun

Why You Should Incorporate CBD Into Your Summer Skincare Routine

Do you know how to best protect your skin in the summer, and what products to incorporate into your summer skincare routine? Summer means barbecues, ice cream, pool days, beach trips and tan lines. Yet, enjoying long sunny days with your friends and family could leave your skin red, irritated and more damaged than you’d

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CBD for your pets

When to Start CBD For Your Pets; It’s Not What you Might Think

When considering what age is appropriate to start CBD for your pets, many people assume that hemp is best used for senior pets dealing with ailments, or pets struggling with specific conditions- but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is, giving your pet CBD on a regular basis starting at any age

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what spas look for when choosing CBD brand

What Spas Should Look for When Choosing a CBD Brand

The latest industry to introduce CBD products to their clients are spas! It just makes sense that a spa- a place that consumers go to for peace and relaxation- would offer CBD products, considering their soothing nature. However, with the cannabis market saturation, it can be difficult for spas to know how to choose reputable,

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Bath Bombs

The Buzz About Bath Bombs

There’s a trend that’s been sweeping the nation for quite a while now- bath bombs!! These colorful spheres of joy make bath time fun again and have us reminiscing on childhood when baths frequently brought a sense of wonder and excitement. Since we offer our own CBD Bath Bombs, we decided to take a look

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to CBD

These days it seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing CBD. Whether you’re on social media, browsing the internet, or shopping out in your community, it’s pretty common to come across some form of CBD. With multiple states legalizing cannabis, and many more on the path to legalization, the industry itself has grown exponentially

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Using CBD to Up Your Fitness Game in 2022

2021 wasn’t kind to many of us…with all the extra time at home to “relax” it’s never been easier to fall off track with your health & fitness goals. Now you just finished ringing in the New Year with all your favorite sweets & goodies, and you woke up January first thinking…maybe it’s time to

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endocannabinoid system

CBD & The Endocannabinoid System

We know that CBD can help us to relax, feel better, and even improve ailments, but do you understand exactly how CBD interacts in the body? If not, don’t worry, breaking it down is a fairly simple process! Basically, there are receptors located within each person in their endocannabinoid system that interact specifically with CBD

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CBD for better sleep

Utilizing CBD for Better Sleep This Winter

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy sleep schedule year round. As winter really starts to settle in, it begins to get dark outside sometimes even before five pm, which can leave our bodies feeling a bit… confused. Luckily, using CBD for better sleep is a great way to get your sleep schedule back on

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CBD and horses

CBD and Horses

Most people are familiar with CBD for dogs, cats, and other domestic pets, but did you know that CBD can be extremely beneficial for horses as well? As it turns out, CBD and horses make a great pair! There are multiple ways in which CBD can benefit horses ranging from aiding in overall health, working

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