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Healthy Roots® Hemp Products are Third Party Tested

We pride ourselves on providing thoroughly tested, verified, batch labeled and transparent products. Below are commonly asked questions about Certificate of Analysis.

We have a new way to search for your third party testing! 

Simply locate your batch number on your bottle. Type the number in the search bar below and your third party testing will display. This number fully traces back to the origin of the hemp and other natural ingredients used.

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Understanding your formulation by testing your work with a credible lab is key to making a product that is transparent.

Laboratory reports in both a percentage and milligram per gram. That way our viewers can see the difference between the two.

The percentage showcases that we are under the legal limit of .3% for THC. This is important not only for legalities but also for the consumer. The milligrams per gram helps us understand the total cannabinoids.


YES! Healthy Roots uses Columbia Food Labs, one of the first lab TNI certified/ ORELAP accredited testing labs in Oregon. Columbia Food is an ISO accredited Cannabis testing lab that offers additional services such as nutritional and environmental testing.

Healthy Roots test the raw material, Isolate, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for pesticides, metals, lead, solvents, terpenes, microbiology, and potency. We use the raw material to mix into products and test again for purity and potency.

If you notice that there is much more than just CBD displayed on these certificates. You can find over 10 different cannabinoids in many products we offer. Not to mention, photo-cannabinoids and terpenes. We use a rich true Full-Spectrum darker oil that has not been refined into a distillate or isolate.

Healthy Roots offers an entourage effect that works. This is one of many Health Roots Differences.

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