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CBD tinctures are one of our specialty products here at Healthy Roots Hemp CBD shop. All our products, tinctures included, can give you the benefits of CBD without the drawbacks of THC. 

And for our tinctures, we only use high-quality, natural ingredients using professional extraction techniques. When you choose us, you are choosing some of the best CBD-based tinctures on the market.

We are acutely aware that you may be completely new to the CBD product industry and may not know the difference between a full-spectrum tincture and an isolated tincture.  A full-spectrum tincture includes a more comprehensive solution concentrated from the hemp plant to including:

  • CBD
  • Flavonoids
  • Cannabinoids (including THC)
  • Plant Parts
  • And terpenes

 The most common use for full-spectrum tinctures is for people that want all the benefits the hemp plant can provide and may not be too concerned about strict drug testing protocols. That being said, we want to stress that all our products are well below the legal limits for THC use in the states in which CBD products are legal. 

For those who may be first time buyers, an isolate tincture is vastly different from a full-spectrum tincture. A full-spectrum tincture includes all the natural compounds from the hemp plant in its solution. In stark contrast, an isolate tincture isolates the CBD from other natural compounds such as:

  • Cannabinoids (including THC)
  • Plant Parts
  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids

 Isolate tinctures are most common for those who only want the benefits of CBD or want a higher dose of CBD for personal health and well-being reasons. A popular use of isolate tinctures is for professionals that may be concerned about drug tests in their workplace but still need the benefits CBD offers.

We also have a range of 500 mg CBD products for both full spectrum and isolate products:

These products are ideal for those just starting to try our tinctures or get into CBD tinctures for the first time. 

At Healthy Roots, we are proud of our berry 1000 mg CBD tincture. All the ingredients we source are of a high quality and are sourced right here in the United States from local Oregon farmers. Not only do we support American farmers, but we also ensure our full production chain from farm to shelf is ethical and fair.

Our popular 1000mg product range contains three main variants that we supply:

These three different flavours are designed with differing taste palettes in mind to ensure everyone has a CBD tincture to their taste preferences. 

From the farms in Oregon to the shelves in a store near you, we are involved in every step of the production of all our hemp products, and this is inclusive of our CBD tincture 3000mg range. All the ingredients we source for our tinctures come directly from hemp farms within the United States. This means we can check the quality of the plants we source and support local farming economies. 

We have a range of 3000 mg products for those who are in need of a long-term supply for their health and wellbeing. In 3000 mg we offer:

All of our products have been developed with transparency and integrity at their core – it is a huge part of what we are about. We are strong believers in creating products that will enhance quality of life and help people live their best lives. 

We designed our products with the goal of improving health and wellbeing while decreasing discomfort that can be experienced in day-to-day life. 

But, more importantly, we have developed products that are effective at what they do, taste great, and offered by a company with a focus on educating our customers about Hemp as well as CBD.