CBD Isolate Tinctures

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Healthy Roots Hemp is proud to offer a variety of Hemp based products that can bring the benefits of CBD to people all across the nation. CBD isolate tincture is one such hemp-based product that we are proud to stock on our shelves and ship from our farms.

As a company, it is our duty to ensure every isolate tincture we produce has been developed by a team of experts and has gone through all the correct extraction processes to produce a potent, high-quality, CBD isolate product.

A tincture that is classified as a CBD isolate tincture has gone through a rigorous extraction procedure to ensure that it only contains CBD. What this means is that an isolate tincture is free from other naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant.

An isolate tincture is free from:

  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids
  • Plant Parts
  • Cannabinoids (including THC)

We take immense pride in all the work that we do to bring our customers premier-grade CBD products – that includes our isolate tinctures. We are all about keeping our products authentic and sticking to rigorous, strict production rules when it comes to making our products.

And this care extends to how we source all of our ingredients. We source from local Oregon farmers right here in the United States and keep our production within the nation to support Americans and American businesses.

In terms of keeping our promise regarding our integrity of the production of our products, all our products are third-party tested before they are approved for sale.

We acknowledge that you may have questions about our products and about CBD products in general. You can refer to our handy FAQ section if you are in need of further information.

Alternatively, you can call our brilliant customer service team on (503) 496-2329 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Also feel free to pop in store and have a chat. You can find your nearest branch by using our store locator.