Tips for Selecting The Best CBD Topicals

With so many CBD topicals, creams, lotions, and rubs in the modern marketplace, it can be hard to find something that’s right for you. At Healthy Roots Hemp, we make it easy to find great full-spectrum CBD products and the best CBD topicals that address your specific needs. When shopping for premium-quality topicals, be sure to consider the following characteristics:

All-Natural Ingredients

At Healthy Roots Hemp, we know that what you put into your body matters. That’s why we utilize nothing but the finest of all-natural ingredients when it comes to our CBD topicals and CBD bath bombs. Take a look at the natural ingredients in our Deep Renew CBD Facial Oil: Jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E, and Hemp-derived CBD isolate. Everything is selected to bring you the best health and wellness benefits that nature has to offer. Why are our products made with organic ingredients? It’s simple – because that’s what nature intended!

Absorption Rate

Sometimes, immediate relief is what you need most when it comes to the comfort of your skin, muscles, and joints. At Healthy Roots Hemp, we offer a great selection of fast-acting products with a swift absorption rate to deliver the relief you need. Our Root Butter CBD Muscle Rub works fast and delivers exceptional relief without the icy, freezing effect normally associated with other fast-acting topicals.

For those suffering from dry skin, Healthy Roots Hemp offers a fast-acting Deep Relief Full Spectrum CBD Cucumber Melon Lotion. This powerful blend of Full Spectrum CBD and other organic ingredients delivers swift absorption in as little as a few minutes. This is one of our best CBD topicals and it offers soothing, skin-softening properties with hydration and relief where it’s needed most. 

How Does the CBD Topical Feel?

Many of the market’s leading topicals and pain products utilize ingredients like camphor and menthol that can cause an icy or freezing sensation, which may be alarming to some who are simply looking for relaxation or relief from discomfort. At Healthy Roots Hemp, we understand that not everyone is relaxed or soothed by an icy, freezing sensation. That’s why our best CBD topicals don’t contain these ingredients and help you maintain a more balanced sensation after you apply the topical to your skin, muscles, or joints.

Does the CBD Topical Engage Your Senses?

You came to the right place if you’re seeking CBD topicals that stimulate the senses and help you achieve a greater state of relaxation. At Healthy Roots Hemp, we offer a robust line of CBD topicals, CBD bath bombs, and CBD muscle rubs that smell wonderful and provide the perfect ambiance to every private moment of relief. Enjoy greater tranquility with natural topicals made with rosemary, lavender, honeydew, cucumber, nag champa, and more.

When you’re searching for the finest CBD topicals that the marketplace has to offer, consider the all-natural ingredients, the product’s absorption rate, the feeling provided by the topical, and the sensation you experience when using the product. If you’re ready to find the perfect topicals and muscle rubs to address all of these concerns, we invite you to shop Healthy Roots Hemp today so you can discover a world of relaxation and relief possibilities!