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Healthy Roots Hemp is Actually Certified Organic

Healthy Roots Hemp Oregon Tilth Organic Farming certified organic hemp extractProviding actually certified organic CBD products is important to us at Healthy Roots Hemp. As we also believe fully in truth and transparency, it is important for us to outline what that means. Many retailers, especially in the murky world of CBD, use the term “organic” unethically, so the USDA certification is an important designation for understanding where your product comes from. 


Certification Criteria

In terms of agriculture, specifically horticulture, for a farm to be certified as organic:

  • Prohibited (inorganic compounds) substances must not have been applied to the land for at least 3 years prior to organic crop.
  • Crop nutrients and soil should be managed through cultivation practices, crop rotations, and cover crops, using animal and plant waste and only approved synthetic material. 
  • Pests, weeds, and disease should be controlled by means of physical, mechanical, and biological controls, and only through the use of approved synthetic substances when absolutely necessary.
  • All seeds and other planting stock must be certified organic.
  • The use of radiation, genetic engineering (GMOs), and sewage sludge (what?! yuck!) is prohibited.

Healthy Roots Hemp Organic FarmingAny product sold, labeled, or represented as organic is required to show that 95% of the materials used to manufacture it was certified organic. Some products may be labeled as “made with organic ingredients”, but those must reflect using 70% organic material. If a product uses anything less than the 70% threshold, they may indicate what ingredient is organic, but cannot claim to be an organic product on their packaging.


Certification Process

At Healthy Roots Hemp, we grow our own hemp on our own certified organic family-run farm here in Oregon. In order to receive our organic certification from the USDA by way of Oregon Tilth we were subject to the following standard process:

  1. A farm must implement organic practices and seek out a USDA-accredited certifying agent and apply for certification through that agency.
  2. The agency reviews the application and verifies USDA organic compliance.
  3. An on-site inspection is conducted by the agency to verify the operation’s status with regard to USDA’s organic regulations.
  4. The agency compares the application and inspectors report and approves farms that comply with USDA organic regulations.
  5. The agency issues an organic certificate.
  6. Certification is subject to annual review and inspection.

Trust and Transparency

Healthy Roots Hemp Certified Organic Oregon TilthSo you can see, for us, it is easy to stand behind our Certified Organic designation, through growing our own hemp, manufacturing our own products, and by monitoring every step of our supply chain through the use of TraceGains cloud-based supply chain management software. Since we believe in trust and transparency, we are open to answering any more questions you might have about our certified organic designation. Feel free to contact us with these or any other questions. 

For more information on USDA Organic Certification, visit:


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