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An Important Word on Equality

Equality is Common Sense

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words to say to reflect the sincerity and authenticity a time like this requires. It’s not simply a single post with a vaguely worded message of support, the right words have to come from empathy rooted in understanding and actionable support, not public pressure. You have to mean it.

The fact is, nothing can grow from unhealthy roots. To deny the painful history of ours or the existence of racism would be to deny how far we’ve come and hide how far we’ve left to go. It shouldn’t be political to say that everyone deserves equality, freedom, respect and opportunity. Human rights are not political, we are all in this one precious life together. Let’s make it count.

If these simple human truths cost you friends or customers, then you're in the wrong company.

Black lives matter, black cannabis growers matter, black businesses matter, black artists matter • No one should sit behind bars for cannabis while millions profit from it • Restorative justice for cannabis should be the cornerstone of any legalization conversation • Love will always win over hate • Real change requires action

We are all created equal and no policy or politician can override the understanding we all carry in our hearts.

Healthy Roots is a small company run by a family. We still create our own formulas, hand label the products and pack each order by hand. We wish we could make a huge donation aligned with our hearts and intentions. What we can do is support individually and as a company we can support those working for or donating to organizations that are creating actionable change around the United States.

Send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram with your donation or a message from your official work or organization email, tag us in a photo, or email a receipt to and we’ll send you a $20 Healthy Roots Gift Card.

Offer valid for any organization that is working to promote equality, restorative justice, restorative measures for those persecuted for marijuana offenses, bail funds for non-violent marijuana offenders, or those working/volunteering for any of these organizations. See links on social or find what aligns with your heart.


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