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A Closer Look at CBC (Cannabichromene)

Today we are taking a closer look into one of the minor cannabinoids discussed in our previous blog. CBC (Cannabichromene) is one of the lesser cannabinoids found in some hemp plants (high in CBD) as well as in many other marijuana plants (high in THC). CBC may be one of the lesser cannabinoids when speaking of the quantity found but not when it comes to its benefits.

CBC was discovered in 1966 but until now was not specifically researched. That is partly due to the rising interest in THC over minor cannabinoids, but as CBD has taking the spotlight these past few years, it has opened the door for these amazing minor cannabinoids to get the attention they deserve.

Although the research around CBC is still limited, it is also promising. In the studies conducted they showed CBC to have many strengths especially when combined with CBD or THC.

As studies continued with CBC and CBD combined as well as CBC and THC combined, the promises became greater. In combination CBC contributes tremendously in the many believed benefits of cannabis both CBD and THC.

Where can you find CBC?

CBC is hard to find in high quantity due to the fact it is found in very small quantities  in cannabis.

Healthy Roots oils test higher than normal for CBC. CBC can be found in every one of our products but is dominant in our Root Butter and  Tinctures.

If you are interested please reach out to our office or check out our online store to see if our tincture is right for you.

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