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Healthy Roots Hemp Uses TraceGains

Carrying seals that say things like “certified organic” and “Non-GMO”, at Healthy Roots Hemp we are often asked how we can guarantee that all ingredients are, for instance, non-GMO or organic. Well, the answer is a lot simpler than you might think: by carefully monitoring our supply-chain at every level. While that may not sound very simple, with TraceGains’ cloud-based compliance, quality management, and development solutions software, it really is.


What is TraceGains?

TraceGains is a cloud-based supplier compliance integration software, which helps us maintain absolute clarity through visibility of our supply chain. For those who didn’t major in business, this resource allows us to verify our suppliers are complying with the same regulations as we are; from the natural hemp extract we use in all products to the oils and fragrances included in our bath and beauty products. This function is essential to our ability to control the quality of our certified organic and non-GMO products, as well as monitor regulatory compliance of our suppliers, all the way down the chain.

Healthy Roots Hemp Outdoor Lab TestingWith the assistance of TraceGains resources, we have access to compliance documents for each ingredient in the supply chain, for all wellness as well as beauty products. TraceGains is set up on a vast cloud-based network platform that keeps all documents associated with the production of our products stored digitally and ready to access at any time.


Healthy Roots Hemp Organic FarmingTraceGains = Collaboration

This network streamlines the way products are brought to market, bringing professionals in research & development, quality control, regulatory departments, and procurement to the same digital table. Not only can regulatory bodies work with quality control departments via the network, but retailers can also collaborate with producers to develop new products and innovate old ones.


Healthy Roots Hemp CBD Tincture FDA RegisteredTraceGains = Savings

In the business world, time is money, and nowhere is that more true than the evolving market of CBD and the larger hemp and cannabis markets. The ability to conduct these parts of the business more efficiently not only makes our lives easier, but the ease it creates helps us keep the prices low. So cheers to the good folks innovating at TraceGains for helping us efficiently and consistently produce the best in all-natural hemp extracts.

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