Bath Bombs

The Buzz About Bath Bombs

There’s a trend that’s been sweeping the nation for quite a while now- bath bombs!! These colorful spheres of joy make bath time fun again and have us reminiscing on childhood when baths frequently brought a sense of wonder and excitement. Since we offer our own CBD Bath Bombs, we decided to take a look into what makes bath bombs so wonderful! 

What are Bath Bombs, and What’s in Them?

Typically, these fizzy balls of fun are made up of salts, colorants, and oils. The show they put on in your tub is really the process of science. Think of an Alka-Seltzer tablet; when you drop the tablet in water there is a fizzing effect, and then the tablet eventually breaks down into the water. Bath bombs have a similar process. Once the bath bomb hits the water, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) reacts with citric acid to release carbon dioxide gas. The bath bomb then breaks down and the oils and ingredients are released into the bath, many times including beautiful colors and smells. 

Woman relaxing in a bathtub with a bath bomb and floating flowers

Are They Good for Your Skin?

It depends! The ingredients in the bath bomb determine how “good” they are for you! Always make sure to read the label information on bath products before using them to avoid products that may irritate you. Watch out for artificial fragrances, artificial dyes and colorants, talc, and glitter which can aggravate the skin. You know your skin best, so avoid products with ingredients you think may upset your skin. If you’re concerned, you can do a skin test, similar to how you’d test other skincare products before use. Take the bath bomb and rub it on a patch of your skin and then wait at least 24 hours to see how your body responds to the exposure. 

When the ingredients are all-natural, bath bombs can be wonderful for your skin and body! Essential oils have long been associated with various health benefits like alleviating inflammation and therapeutic effects like those associated with aromatherapy. The ingredients can be moisturizing for the skin and soothing for the mind. Other added ingredients may also offer benefits, such as CBD. 

Why Use CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD can be used to moisturize the skin and lower inflammation in the body, which are two powerful benefits that when associated with bath time become even more wonderful! Research suggests that the cannabis plant can even have antibacterial effects, which can lead to skin healing, and can even reduce acne and other skin ailments. CBD may also have calming effects, leading to a soothing and relaxing experience. To put it simply, adding CBD to a bath bomb is like icing on a cake! 

Healthy Roots Hemp Lemongrass & Orange Bath Bomb

What Makes Healthy Roots Hemp Bath Bombs Special?

Besides the fact that our bath bombs have our patented blend of Full Spectrum CBD, they are completely all-natural! Many bath bombs have ingredients in them that are less than ideal for your skin and body, including potentially irritating color dyes. Our CBD Bath Bombs are colored all-naturally, which adds the fun colors to our bath bombs without the skin irritation of artificial dyes and colorants. This means you can enjoy all the fun benefits of bath bombs, while knowing you’re using a natural product that is safe & good for your skin. 

If you haven’t yet given bath bombs a try, there’s never been a better time! Our Bath bombs are top-notch, full of amazing all-natural ingredients & CBD, and are reasonably priced! You can grab yours here. Once they arrive, set up a hot bath, put on some relaxing music to set the mood, and get ready to make bath time exciting again!

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