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What is Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract: Benefits and Usage

There’s a lot of information out there about hemp seed oil, hemp extract, and CBD oil due to the rise of these kinds of products. However, these terms often get interchanged erroneously and confuse users all the time. A True Full Spectrum hemp oil brand, we at Healthy Roots Hemp want to provide you with quality products and knowledge about what you’re using. Hemp seed oil, hemp extract, and CBD oil each hold a special place in the hemp world, so here’s a breakdown of the three terms.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. The seeds are fed into an oilseed press machine and the machine is cranked up to press the oil out of the seeds. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD.

Uses of hemp seed oil

There are various uses for hemp seed oil. Let’s explore them below:


Hemp seed oil can be used to moisturize skin when it’s applied topically. It’s great for skin because it contains fatty acids that may protect the skin from aging while keeping it supple and firm.

Boost brain health

This oil can be ingested and the healthy fats contained in it are utilized by the brain. They help the brain maintain optimal functions while protecting it by helping with neuron generation and protecting its sheath. The same healthy fats are also used by the body to promote a healthy heart.

Ease of Aches

The properties in hemp seed oil are utilized by the body to reduce flare up within the body.

full spectrum hemp extract
Healthy Roots CBD Tincture 500mg

CBD extract is obtained from the flowers of the hemp plant and then mixed with a carrier oil. The carrier oil can be either food grade or non-food grade for topical application.

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Uses of CBD oil

Similar to hemp seed oil, let’s explore some of its uses below:

For Stress

This oil is used to mitigate the effects of stress. It’s taken to help people calm down in situations that can cause anxiousness. These days people are looking for a natural alternative.

For Aches

CBD is used by healthcare professionals to combat their everyday aches and discomfort. It’s preferred because it’s a natural solution with no side effects compared to synthetic drugs and isn’t addictive. Many patients are using cannabidiol in their everyday routines.

Sleepless Nights

People working in highly stressful situations can use CBD oil to refocus them and lessen the mental stress they’re experiencing. It helps them have battle insomnia and improve their quality of sleep. Our bodies repair when we rest, implementing Full-Spectrum Hemp before bed may help relaxation.  

For Skin

CBD has shown remarkable results in people with recurring red blemishes, skin issues, bug bites, and even  sun burns. CBD has properties that help the skin regenerate and help your skin feeling youthful again.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Hemp extract is derived from the parts of the hemp plant from the flowers to the stalks as these are the parts of the plant that contain high levels of cannabinoids.  The hemp extract is usually mixed with a carrier oil.

Muscle relaxation

This extract has high doses of CBD so it can be used in muscle relaxation sessions like deep tissue massages especially for athletes and gym enthusiasts. It’s an excellent resource when recovering from injuries. It’s an excellent alternative to over the counter medication.

Healthy Roots CBD Butter
Healthy Roots CBD Butter

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Skin health

It’s effective to mitigate the discomfort of skin conditions like smooth wrinkles, reduce redness, and other skin conditions. It contains high doses of great properties which help to lessen the discomfort of these conditions allowing them to begin to heal.

Menopause and PMS

Hemp extract helps in the production of PGE1. It helps in regulating the symptoms, both emotional and physical, of PMS and menopause. The extract contains gamma linoleic acid which boosts the body’s ability to produce PGE1. Women who took the extract showed improvement in their symptoms.

In Conclusion

Hemp extract is still undergoing various tests to find out how safe it is and how much value it can provide to users. But even as the tests go on it remains one of the safest ways to harness the medicinal value of the hemp plant.

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