Certificate of Analysis

What is a Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Why is it Important?

In an industry that is still largely unregulated, how do consumers know if the product they are taking is safe? Lab results!

A Certificate of Analysis or COA is a document issued by a lab that confirms that a regulated product meets its specifications. We have COAs for every batch number that is listed on every product that goes out our doors. We use multiple, accredited, third-party labs to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Buyer beware – if a company does not have publicly available lab results, or do not provide them upon request, that is a major red flag! You can find all of our test results on our website, where we update them regularly to reflect the most current COAs.

Why are test results important?

Understanding your formulation by testing your work with a credible lab is key to making a product that is transparent.

We take into consideration all the cannabinoids when accounting the target potency. As you can see there are many cannabinoids showing in our results, not just CBD. We know that this is why our product is very effective and can truly call it full-spectrum or whole plant medicine.

We ask the laboratory to report in both a percentage and milligram per gram. The milligrams per gram helps us understand the total cannabinoids.

The percentage showcases that we are under the legal limit of .3% for THC. This is important not only for legalities but also for the consumer.

Our lab results also showcase other beneficial compounds found in our products, like terpenes.

If you have more questions on COAs or lab results, please don’t hesitate to email us anytime at sales@healthyrootshemp.com and we will be happy to answer all of your questions & share our COAs.


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