which form of cbd is right for me

CBD 101: What Form of CBD is Right For Me?

CBD is everywhere, and in a variety of forms. And with so many kinds to choose from, what are the main advantages of one over another? It can seem overwhelming, but the solution is pretty simple if you know where to begin. This guide will give you an overview of the different forms of CBD, and how each might be right for your personal health goals.

CBD comes in a number of forms that can be easily included in any wellness-focused lifestyle– CBD oils and tinctures; CBD salves, balms, and creams; CBD gummies; CBD softgels and more. But before you even start to examine which product to use, you have to start by asking yourself a few questions to help assess your health needs.

Is there a specific health goal I want to achieve? 

Start by asking yourself the reason you’d want to incorporate CBD into your health goals.

Do I want to:

  • Promote my overall healthy lifestyle?
  • Support the health functions that could benefit the most? 
  • Get relief from a specific issue? 

These questions are a great place to start, and while it’s a valuable step to want to address your health challenges head on, it’s best to consult your doctor with questions regarding specific treatment plans. When consulting your physician here are some key facts to think about

Before – Do your research! Come prepared to ask questions, be willing to discuss your full medical history, diagnostics, products you’ve tried, medications, lifestyle, keep a journal of your ailments, food, mood, etc. to help you and your provider pinpoint any patterns.

During -Take notes, ask questions, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for a specialist if the provider seems lost or doesn’t know the answer. YOU are your best advocate. The provider might be new to this as well. Be open to other ratios, dosages and formulations (ex: capsules vs. topicals). Get contact info of the provider and determine the best way to communicate – call, email, text, etc.

After – Continue to journal how you feel and your day to day actions as you start your new routine to help determine any noticeable changes or effects.It’s all about trial and error! Be consistent, be patient. Everyone is so different and needs personalized, individual care.

which form of cbd is right for me

Forms of CBD Products 

CBD Capsules – CBD capsules are easy and convenient to take with you to the gym, on a walk, or add to grandma’s daily pill container. When you choose to use CBD capsules, you will not have to worry about dosing. There is no need to measure a proper dose, which you would have to do with oils. Instead, each individual capsule has the same amount of CBD. This makes it very easy to get accurate dosing.

CBD Tinctures – CBD tinctures are an effective and efficient form of taking CBD at various dosage levels. CBD tinctures are taken via sublingual administration (often dropped under the tongue) so they absorb directly into the bloodstream. This assures the delivery of the full strength of each CBD dose. The efficiency and full delivery of CBD tinctures makes it a great form of CBD when digesting.

CBD Gummies – CBD Gummies have a pleasant taste and are easy to take. However, most varieties contain added sugars and may not list nutrient content accurately on their labels.

CBD Topicals – CBD topicals are great to use on pain targeted areas of your body. To ensure a body topical works to the best of its abilities, you need to apply it liberally. Our skin is designed for topicals to enter the body, so if you choose a product with Full- Spectrum CBD, make sure you apply enough to sink into your skin and provide the best results.

Gummies may be made with added sugars, sugar alcohols, artificial colorings,and fillers. Furthermore, they may contain fewer nutrients than you think and can be easy to overeat.

Nonetheless, this guide can give you a better understanding of how each type of CBD product works and what the benefits are of each.

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