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How to Take Care of Your Body with CBD While Participating in Outdoor Sports

As we head into 2021, a great way to stay active while still staying safe during the pandemic is to participate in outdoor sports! Many outdoor sports can be practiced solo, or at a distance with others. It’s safer then heading to a gym or class right now, and you get to spend some time in nature. Getting outdoors is not only incredibly beneficial for your physical health, but your mental health as well. Nothing beats combining fresh air with moving your body, and outdoor sports let you do just that! 

The important thing to remember is that when participating in intense physical activity, you should make sure to have a recovery routine so that your body will be protected from sports related injuries, aches, and strains. CBD can be an effective part of your recovery routine, if used correctly! Below, we’ve highlighted a few different outdoor sports, and the Healthy Roots Hemp CBD products that could be useful for recovery if you’re practicing them. 

boarding Outdoor Sports

Skiing & Snowboarding

Every skier/snowboarder lives for the wintertime when there’s no shortage of snow! They gear up, grab their board or skis, and get ready to hit the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are full body sports, meaning that your whole body is engaged when you’re doing them. During a skier/snowboarder’s decent down the mountain, their core, hips, and legs are getting a demanding workout! It’s not unusual to feel body aches after a long day of gliding through snow. If you’re going to be on the slopes this winter, we recommend incorporating our 600mg CBD Capsules into your recovery routine. You can take these before and after getting active.  

rafting Outdoor Sports

White Water Rafting

Ah, rafting. It’s a great way to get a rush of activity and adrenaline all in one! This outdoor sport makes for an intense, fast paced adventure. Rafting carries physical risks however, and if you participate you should be knowledgeable about how to safely navigate a body of water and operate your raft. Don’t think that just because you’re seated in the raft means it isn’t rough on your body. Many frequent rafters experience back aches and discomfort afterwards from the body getting jerked around and the consistent arm use to row and steer the raft.

A great recovery protocol the evening after a long day of rafting is to take a hot bath with our Rosemary Mint CBD Bath Bomb. Soaking in a tub of CBD will serve to soothe tight muscles, and the aroma will relax and rejuvenate you. After a day full of rushing water, you’ll especially appreciate the calm stillness of a soothing bath. 

mountain Outdoor Sports

Mountain Biking 

Mountain biking is a scenic way to get your daily activity in and is a great option to get the heart rate up without the impact of a traditional run. The stress it puts on the body is less than if you were to hit the pavement directly, which makes it great for people who need an intense but lower impact workout. This being said, biking can still put added stress on the knees, and this is more common than you’d think. The connective tissue in the knees isn’t meant to bear an intense load, and if one is put on them during cycling too fast or hard, the joints can in turn experience inflammation.

After biking, if you find that you’re having knee aches, we recommend using the 800mg Deep Relief Lotion! This CBD infused formula will glide on and act in minutes to soothe your aches. You’ll never go without it once you’ve incorporated it into your routine! 

No matter what outdoor sport you participate in this year, CBD is a wonderful way to help your body recover and repair! Healthy Roots Hemp has a variety of products for your individual needs! To learn more about Full Spectrum CBD & Isolate CBD, or our company, products, and mission – click here

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