fall season

How the Fall Season Can Affect Your Body & Mind

Did you know that the changing seasons can affect more than just your plans and decor?? With each new shift in season during the year, environmental changes can affect your body and the way you feel. The same applies can for the fall season.

Summer 2021 seemed to fly by and now that we’re almost halfway through September, we’re coming up on the start of fall! Many are looking forward to the things that make the season so special; like pumpkin patches, state fairs, crisp falling leaves, and cooler weather. In addition to the fun seasonal activities that come with the changing leaves, there are actual physiological changes in the body happening too! 

fall season

On September 22nd, it officially becomes the fall season! With the changes in our environment all around us, it’s easy to overlook the changes happening inside us, but they’re occuring and can range from subtle to significant. Some changes you may notice as the temperature begins to drop and the leaves fall are dry skin, decrease in metabolism, increase in stress & feelings of sadness, and increased discomfort in your joints. 

During the fall season the temperature begins to drop and the humidity that fills summer does as well. Without the added moisture in the air the skin has a tougher time staying hydrated. Each time the seasons shift, it changes the balance that the skin has become used to, and reactions can come from this disruption. Some may even experience worsening of certain skin conditions.

Do you ever find that you seem to pack on the pounds come colder weather? Chances are you’re right! Similar to other mammals, humans too can store extra fat in their bodies during the colder months of the year. This can be attributed to an increase in the body’s insulin levels, which leads the liver to increase fat production to better prepare for the coming winter. Now if only we could hibernate for a few months too, right? To combat the extra fat production, make sure to incorporate daily movement of thirty minutes to keep the body running to it’s best ability. 

It’s no secret that seasonal affective disorder can drastically affect your mood, stress levels, and daily life. Symptoms of SAD may include having a decrease in energy, sleeping in excess, fatigue, stress, and feelings of sadness. The scientific reasoning behind the disorder is still being researched, but many doctors attribute it to the lack of sunlight associated with the shorter daylight of fall and winter months. Treatment usually involves light therapy, medication, and counseling. 

Come fall season into winter many people struggling with aches and joint discomfort start to feel worse as the season progresses. While the science isn’t altogether on the topic, many attribute the increase to barometric pressure. This pressure changes when the weather starts to shift to cooler temperatures, and can cause joints to expand, increasing discomfort. The weather can make joints feel more stiff than usual, which makes it even more important in these months to stay as active as you can. The natural reaction when something doesn’t feel great is to avoid it, but movement can actually help ease the discomfort, strengthen the body, and improve mobility. 

CBD is a great way to address many of the undesirable symptoms that come with the changing season. CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate and balance the body back to homeostasis, and can help with skin conditions, mood changes, joint and body discomfort, and more! During the fall months topical and ingestible CBD are both beneficial. 

We recommend capsules or tinctures on an as needed basis to deal with the internal issues, and topicals to address issues with the skin or targeted discomfort. For instance, you might take a CBD capsule in the morning for mood regulation, and then use a muscle rub for your achy knees and a lotion for your dry skin! You’ll be amazed at the difference you feel when you incorporate CBD into your routine. 

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When heading into the fall season of pumpkins and spooky activities, it’s important to remember that there are big internal changes happening as well! A great way to stay on top of the changes in your body during the fall is to keep a wellness journal, and write down how you’re feeling. This way you can locate patterns and see over a period of time how the weather is affecting you. 
Make sure to enjoy the fall season, practice healthy wellness tactics, and utilize CBD to help feel your best! Make sure to check out our full line of products in our shop!