Best-Seller Bundle

Receive unimaginable relief with this best-selling full-body satisfaction Bundle.  

Aid your mind and body and experience the possibilities of being free from mental and physical discomforts. But don’t forget about your pet. Your pet deserves to feel good too!


This marvel of a Bundle aids in numerous ways:

  • Any physical discomforts? Just rub some Root Butter on it.
  • Feeling anxious? Take a few drops with the Tincture. 
  • Having trouble sleeping? Eat a mouthwatering Gummy. 
  • Your pet seems a bit worried? Treat it with a tasty NumNum. 


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Product Quantity

Root Butter® CBD Muscle Rub - 500 MG

The famous Root Butter leaves your body feeling acheless and free.


CBD Pet Calming Chews Num Nums 300mg

The Favorite Pet Treat. The NumNum. A special blend of nutritious ingredients designed to make your pet feel great.


PM Gummy Chews 900 MG

Our most recent best-selling sleeping gummies. These gummies are known to make you forget about those sleeping issues you used to have.

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This Bundle contains four products known to be especially good at their purpose. Their purposes are simply to make you feel better.


Check it out below.


500 MG Berry Full Spectrum Tincture

The 500 Mg Berry Tincture is your daily driver for maintaining physical and emotional health. You can use it for sports recovery, everyday aches, and discomforts, or to ease the tension from activities or unexpected events.

Use it as a vitamin or supplement and take it consistently. Drop it in your coffee or smoothie. Or, for the fastest absorption, place it under your tongue. 

As you start consuming it, you’ll feel calm and clear-headed throughout the day on your high-stress job. You can also use it at night to help you relax before sleeping.


And don’t forget, the Berry Tincture tastes delicious!


Root Butter

Using Root Butter to aid your physical discomforts is an unforgettable feeling.  

The bodily aches and distresses you get with aging might no longer be an issue with this butter.

But, not only is it perfect for Seniors, it’s a superb butter for any active person with temporary or permanent aches in muscles and joints. 

In fact, most people who try Root Butter come back to buy extra jars for their family members. 


PM Gummy Chews

Horrendous sleep is a thing of the past. With PM Gummies, you’ll sleep through the night and wake up well-rested.

Combining CBD with Melatonin is a genius mix. CBD makes you relaxed, and Melatonin makes you sleepy. And the best thing is, they’re natural. 

Melatonin is a hormone created by your body. 



The Num Nums is packed with calming, anti-stress & anxiousness ingredients – all organic and natural.

The extra calming ingredients are Chamomile, Valerian Root, Passion Flower, and Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  

The tasty soft chews are a treat for your furry friend’s taste buds. With peanut butter flavor and the purest Full-Spectrum CBD, your pet is bound to love them more than any other treat you’ve tested.


We left the best for last. 

Healthy Roots use organic and natural ingredients, free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, and preservatives.


You deserve to feel good and live free – Naturally

Root Butter® CBD Muscle Rub - 500 MG







CBD Pet Calming Chews Num Nums 300mg





PM Gummy Chews 900 MG


900 MG

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