Healthy Roots has taken the extra time to prefect our formulation process. Third party testing is the key to making transparent CBD products.

If you are looking for a full profile cannabinoid product with a little bit of THC (under the .3%), we have you covered. We use the oil that has not been refined and while still containing the minor cannabinoids, which plays a role with the entourage effect.

We have grown by word of mouth and their testimonies.

These Certificate of Analysis are displayed so that you can see what we are providing. We use an ISO/IEC food testing lab that has their ORELAP certification as well as their Ecology Certification.

Why are test results important?

  • Understanding your formulation by testing your work with a credible lab is key to making a product that is transparent. 
  • Below you'll find lab results from some of our top sellers. We take into consideration of all the cannabinoids when accounting the target potency. 
  • We ask the laboratory to report in both a percentage and milligram per gram. That way our viewers can see the difference between the two.
  • The percentage showcases that we are under the legal limit of .3% for THC. This is important not only for legalities but also for the consumer.
  • The milligrams per gram helps us understand the total cannabinoids.
  • As you can see there are many cannabinoids showing in our results, not just CBD. We know that this is why our product is very effective and can truly call it full-spectrum or whole plant medicine.