Using CBD to Up Your Fitness Game in 2022

2021 wasn’t kind to many of us…with all the extra time at home to “relax” it’s never been easier to fall off track with your health & fitness goals. Now you just finished ringing in the New Year with all your favorite sweets & goodies, and you woke up January first thinking…maybe it’s time to get back in the gym. Did you know CBD can help?

If you’re looking forward to getting back into a workout groove, you may consider using Cannabidiol to up your fitness game this year. The multi-faceted compound offers incredible benefits to the body, and it’s no surprise that comes in handy when discussing exercise.   


How CBD Can Improve Your Workout 

The primary reason why many people refrain from doing exercise in the first place is that they fear the muscle pains, fatigue, and soreness that commonly comes with working out. Don’t let this fear stop you from being motivated to develop a fitness regime and meet your New Year goals of getting in the gym on a regular basis. 

CBD is now becoming a more widely used tool that alleviates aches and paves the pathway for swift muscle recovery and pique performance. Studies have showcased that CBD has many anti-inflammatory properties which can relieve an individual from joint aches and discomforts.

What benefits are associated with CBD for those who are working out

When you take CBD, once the CB1 and CB2 receptors are able to process it, then some pretty cool things start to occur. Some of them include:

1)  Combatting aches and inflammation:

CBD can do this by blocking the glutamate levels (responsible for the transmission of aches) within the human brain. Additionally, as Glutamate also sends pain signals to the spinal cord, it is here too that the CBD is effective in intercepting them.

Once this is done, Anandamide, a neurotransmitter known for pain regulation, is signaled, which boosts CBD absorption by the body, relieving muscle inflammation. 

2)  Tackles muscle soreness:

During heavy lifting, it’s common for your muscles to become sore. When muscle fibers sustain damage, it can take up to four days for the body to fully recover. However, CBD may enhance this healing process and even improve the body’s overall physical health. 

3)  Elevates energy levels through promoting better sleep:

It’s hard to get motivated to workout when you don’t have ample energy. Poor sleeping patterns can disrupt your energy levels significantly. It is here where CBD users are able to derive the maximum benefit from regular usage of CBD in their routine, because it has been shown to improve sleep and result in more fruitful rest. CBD does this by promoting calm within the body. Better sleep with the help of CBD leads to more energy, and even quicker muscle recovery. 

4) Can boost immune system support:

It’s hard to get in the gym to move your body if you’re constantly getting sick. CBD may boost the immune system, which is vital in assuring that the body is not put in harm’s way. In 2022 with all the germs floating around, this is incredibly important. 

The endocannabinoid system works inside the body to keep it in a state of homeostasis, or balance, and this applies to the immune system. CBD can promote a balanced and well working immune system, helping you stay healthy, and ready to work out.


UFC Fighter Ed Herman AKA “Short Fuse” Uses Healthy Roots Hemp CBD to Up His Fitness Game

UFC fighters are some of the most in shape people in the world, because they have to be! When you spend most of your timing training for fights, you have to be in peak shape. This is something Ed Herman knows first hand. That’s why he turned to Healthy Roots CBD to help him elevate his workouts to the next level. 

Ed uses the Full Spectrum Root Butter to topically target his sore muscles after a big fight and daily training. The Root Butter may reduce swelling and improve mobility that is felt minutes after applying. To give a straight punch to his routine he also uses our 3000 MG Citrus Isolate Tincture to bring relief and reduce aches, boost energy levels, and improve sleep.

In conclusion, if you’re considering 2022 the year you up your fitness game, CBD welcomes you with open arms. You don’t have to be a professional athlete; anyone can incorporate CBD into their daily regimen, and once you do, chances are you’ll never go back! So make a fitness plan, take your CBD, and watch 2022 finally become the year you change your body, mind, and health for the better!

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