CBD and horses

CBD and Horses

Most people are familiar with CBD for dogs, cats, and other domestic pets, but did you know that CBD can be extremely beneficial for horses as well? As it turns out, CBD and horses make a great pair! There are multiple ways in which CBD can benefit horses ranging from aiding in overall health, working as an anti-inflammatory, and even acting as a calming agent.  

Similar to humans, horses have an endocannabinoid system which is responsible for bringing them to homeostasis, or a state of internal balance. The most powerful thing CBD does is interact with this system to aid in reducing any negative effects that may be throwing it off.

Cannabinoids, found in CBD, enter the horse’s body and bind to receptors such as the CB-1 or CBD-2 receptor, and then activate. Once activated, the horse may experience positive central nervous system effects, such as feeling calm as well as experiencing less aches and soreness. 

You don’t have to worry about your horse getting “high” when taking CBD; THC is the cannabinoid responsible for psychoactive side effects, and though they are both found in the cannabis plant, THC is different from CBD. Legalized CBD products on the market must contain less than 0.3% of THC, guaranteeing your horse will experience the positive benefits of the cannabis plant without experiencing any of the intoxicating ones. 

When it comes to knowing what dose to give your horse, you’ll need to keep in mind their age, weight, and the issues they may or may not be dealing with. Just like humans, each horse is different, and should be treated as so when deciding how much CBD to use with them. Standard guidelines to follow when dosing are to start with a low dose, monitor how they react, and up the dose if needed. 

CBD and horses

Something to keep in mind when it comes to CBD and horses, is that horses seem to react more sensitively to CBD than dogs, so just because your horse is 1000 pounds doesn’t mean you need to load them up with CBD to see results. Make sure to carefully read all packaging before giving any product to your horse. 

Along with Pet CBD Oil, Healthy Roots Hemp carries CBD oil that’s specifically formulated for horses! Each bottle of our full-spectrum CBD for Horses contains 1000 MG of our patented formula and can be used daily. We recommend starting with a full dropper, and increasing the dose if needed from there. 

Our CBD Oil for Horses is the best on the market! It’s packed with ingredients to support their overall health & wellness like MCT and Fish Oil! Don’t just take our word for it either- check out the reviews on our website as well as our published third party test results

CBD and horses

We also manufacture these products out of our FDA registered facility, where we practice Good Manufacturing Quality Standards. You can check out our CBD Oil for Horses here

Whether you’re just wanting to support your horse’s general health, or help them manage issues & ailments, there are multiple ways in which CBD can benefit them. CBD and horses make a great match! Make sure to do your own research, ask questions, and then give it a try!   

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